Preparations That You Need to Make Before Going on a Hiking

Posted on June 7, 2016 By

If you an avid hiker and love to spend lots of time outdoors surrounded by the beauty of nature, why not get your kids involved as well? Going on hiking trips with your kids has lots of benefits. You wouldn’t feel lonely during the hike and you get to spend quality time together as a family doing something fun. It is also very affordable and you can get your kids to do something healthy outdoors instead of being glued to their computers or television the whole day. Here are some necessary steps and precautions that you need to take if you are planning to bring your kids along for hiking trips.

If this is the first time you are bringing your kids for a hiking trip, pick a shorter and easier trail that you are familiar with. Make sure that your kids are strong and fit enough to last the trip. You can start preparing them for the trip weeks ahead by taking them for jogs and playing outdoor sports to build up their stamina and fitness level.

Consider engaging the service of a guide if you are not a very experienced hiker. Hiking with kids is very different from hiking alone or with hiking buddies. You have to keep an eye over them throughout the entire journey. As such, you may want to have another adult to be leading the way and ensuring that all of you are on the right path.

Ensure that you bring more than enough food and drinks to last the entire journey. Kids get hungry easily and they get tired fast when they are hungry. Bring food that provides lot of carbohydrates and calories such as energy bars and energy drinks. Although you don’t want to burden your kids with too much load, each kid should have sufficient food and drink in their individual backpacks.

Before going on the hiking trip, take the time to explain to your kids on the basics of hiking. Teach them how to use read maps and use the compass. Each kid should have a set in their own backpacks. Give them either a walkie-talkie or mobile phone each so that you can still communicate with them if they get separated from you. Lastly, don’t forget to put first aid kits in everyone’s backpack.